Video Stream for Youtube, Digg, and Reddit

November 13, 2008 – 4:27 pm is an experiment in screen scraping Digg, Reddit, and Youtube for a continous stream of videos for your short attention span.

Jeoron Wijering from the Netherlands has a Open Source flash player, jw player, that you can use to embed videos easily on your website. Its a brilliantly simple and easily implemented javascript and flash object that you can use to stream existing movie files, or even stream from various video streaming website such as youtube.

I created a simple website, that streams all the top youtube videos collected from youtube, digg and reddit. When you select the ‘channel’ a php script collects all the top youtube videos from the various site’s page and creates an XML playlist which then is played in the onscreen jwplayer.

A continous stream of silly nothingness.

Now you can watch all the top videos from the various sites at once and when someone asks if you saw a certain funny random video, you can say¬† ‘thats so yesterday’.

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