Awesome Plush Star Wars R2D2 Backpack

October 17, 2008 – 6:54 pm

A new R2D2 plush backpack to wear and proudly pronounce your alligence to the greatest 3 movies of all time.

Yes, I said, 3, cause Star Wars 1-3 doesn’t really exist.

A Dutch website showcased this R2D2 backpack with very little information, grinding the text through google translation came up with this description:

“Och poor Star true fans. Those gadget makers take into account no the economic crisis. It remains but Star true gadget to rain, tries you keep hand but on the knip. These R2-D2 are natural errug sweet, but he costs 65 dollars you”

“keep hand but on the knip?”?  Looks like an awesome product, it reminds me of the Yoda backpack from thinkgeek (which is perfect for any Luke Skywalker Halloweenies)

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