Pekoppa: the interactive dancing plant

October 6, 2008 – 6:06 pm

pekoppa iconI’m not sure if this is awesome or sad. I mean, for one to talk to a plant is pretty sad, but to have a robotic one is pretty awesome. Lets just say its sadly awesome.

pekkopa imageFrom the makers of all-things-that-are-great, Sega, and currently only available in Japan, Pekoppa is a voice and sound activated plant that will respond to your moods and nuances in your voice.

Pekoppa recognizes when you are happy or when you are asking a question, and will respond in three different ways, a slight nod, a heavy nod of understanding/sympathy, or a happy fluttering of its leaf.

Heres a Movie, but all in Japanese.

Pekoppa was developed by a University Professor studying the health benefits of active human interaction with plants and interactive companions.

This seems to be a step back from the advancement of robotic friendships of pets that are available, but does address the demographics of people who have befriended plants. Seems like a stretch to think the relationship established between real plants and people can be replaced with tiny electronics, but I guess you can say the same with the robotic teddy bears and dogs.

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