A new job every Monday morning for one year

September 30, 2008 – 4:40 pm

Imagine being able to travel the world and try 52 different jobs over the course of a year a week a time to find your calling, thats what Sean Aiken has done.

26 Year old Canadian, Sean Aiken started his journey after graduating from college in Business Administration to seek out his dream job by trying a new job every week for one year.

His website, Oneweekjob.com solicites visitors for jobs for one week. It has taken him across the continental US, Canada, and recently, as a park ranger at Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park.

one week workAiken has taken on various jobs from photographer in New York, Realtor in LA, Preschool teacher in Idaho, and many others. Hes wound down his yearlong adventure as mayor in his home town, Port Moody, British Columbia.

He has a slew of youtube videos of his adventures and press coverage he received over the year.

His yearlong adventure has come to a close, but he will be writing a book on his travels and adventures of his ultimate job hopping experience, and is producing a video documentary.

Very interesting and inspiring concept, as many meander through their lives hoping to come across something they love doing, but with the constraints of time and money, most don’t have the luxury to do what Sean Aiken has done.

At least we can daydream how great it would have been to do what he has done through his documentary.

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