Create Wall Sized Posters for free with Rasterbator

September 14, 2008 – 11:00 pm

Rasterbator is a website that converts any image you upload into a wall sized poster by rasterizing the image into a multipage PDF based on the size you specify.

Through the Rasterbator website, you can upload your own images, or point to an image on the Internet, specify the area you want ‘rasterbated’, select the paper type and size, style and it will create a multi-page PDF that you can print out and piece together to create a huge poster on your wall.

So any images can be converted into any sized poster for free to fill an empty void on your walls.  There are several artistic filters you can apply to create an surreal flair to the mondo sized images to post on your wall.

This could be used for a quickie  banner that needs to be created for some random event that corporate doesn’t want to spend any money on. (except vast amounts of color PDF pages from their color printer)

Check out the gallery to see some amazing rasterbated images posted around the world.

If I were still in college, my walls would be filled from top to bottom of random pics found on the Internet, but now  Im sure my wife wouldn’t appreciate postersized lolcat on the walls of our home now.

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