Cheap discrete video Spy Pen from DealExtreme

September 10, 2008 – 6:57 pm

A video camera embedded into a pen allows you to discretely capture your everyday encounters with your friends, enemies or random people.

One of the common  gadgets thats used in spy movies over the years is a spy video camera embedded into common everyday devices.

I came across this fairly cheap (~$33) video camera thats embedded in a pen at (free shipping to boot!)

spy video pen from dealextreme

The form factor and design is nice, and the video pen isn’t large or unusual looking enough to spurn suspicion. The camera pin hole is right above the clip, so if you have it in your front pocket, it’ll be facing forward. It records audio and video for up to 1 1/2 hours on a single charge.

The pen has  2GB of embedded flash memory, and is easily accessed via usb. It charges by a separate charger, so you don’t have to keep replacing the batteries. The specs indicate that it records at 352×288, 15fps, with H263 codec.

Here’s a sample video:

Although is based in Hong Kong, Ive ordered from the site many times and they have always delivered. The reviews seem mixed for the product, but at the price its a neat toy to tinker with.

Its amazing how cheap this technology has become and remember, this should be used for good, not evil. 🙂

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