Songblitz: Test your Musical Recognition Prowess Game

August 29, 2008 – 3:23 pm

song blitz iconJamsbio presents Songblitz, an online flash game where you match the streaming music to the proper artist and album. You can showcase your vast music nerdiness by signing up and moving up the ranking list

Songblitz is a simple game where it plays a short 30 second snippet of 3 songs individually, and 6 album covers. As each song plays, if you can recognize the song, artist and/or album, you select the album cover and drag it to the song.

Along with selecting your music genre, Pop/Rock, Electronic/Dance, HipHop/Rap, Metal, Indie/Alternative, or everything, you can select the level of difficulty from novice to Expert.

Novice level displays the album cover, artist and album name, Intermediate level displays the album cover and album name, Expert only shows the album cover.

The accuracy and speed of your answers, along with the difficulty will determine how many points you receive in each round.

They do have drawings for 5 dollar gift cards every hour, and even an incentive to hit 2000 points so that you can be qualify to win an itouch, but the true reward is an inflated ego as a music expert.

Give Songblitz a spin, and shamefully sulk away and declare it to be a stupid game, or brag incessantly what a musical genius you are to your peers as you zip up the online vanity board.

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