Fontifier: Your own handwriting as a font on your computer

August 22, 2008 – 1:32 pm

fontifier iconAs electronic communications fully obliterates the need for handwriting and penmanship, Fontifier will capture your handwritten letters and convert it into a usable font on your computer.

The art of your handwriting can be captured using the Fontifier service. Its a simple process, download the pdf grid and handwrite your letters, send the pdf in, and after a small fee, they send you the fonts electronically so you can use it on your computer.


As a youth, having legible handwriting, and cursive writing skills were a focus in the early years of education, but as technology gradually penetrated the education system and ultimately became a requirement, the value of penmanship has dissolved into the cyberspace.

font sample

I’ve heard that typing or printing thank you letters is gauche because of its depersonalization. The Fontifier service could provides some semblance of personalization in your letters through your curls, dots and crosses, if you must insist on using a computer to send a semi personal letter.

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