Getting Paid to sleep by NASA

August 15, 2008 – 11:33 am

Earlier this year, NASA put out a call for applicants for their spaceflight study that required you to lay in bed for 3 months, 16 hours a day. Read that lucky person’s ongoing journal.

The author, from Galveston, Texas, blogs about her day to day experiences during her stint as a ‘pillonaut‘, in a program where NASA studies the effects of microgravity on the on the human body where they have to lay in bed for most of the 90 day program:

Participants will spend 90 days lying in bed, (except for limited times for specific tests) with their body slightly tilted downward (head down, feet up). Every day, they will be awake for 16 hours and lights out (asleep) for 8 hours.

Wired posted a FAQ regarding the program, answered some questions I’m sure thats come up in your minds (conjugal visits, playing video games, etc..)

Its an interesting read, her blog, as she describes her days as a ‘pillownaut’, as she describes the various experiments shes subjected to, and posts correspondences with fans around the world.

Seems like a dream job, lying in bed all day, but it may get tedious after a few weeks. Having access to video games and the Internet is definitely a plus. Having a purpose or project or purpose to occupy your time seems to be the best bet. (but isn’t that like real life anyways?)

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