Musicovery: Visual Interactive streaming music discovery site

August 12, 2008 – 1:55 pm

musicovery iconFind and listen to your musical preferences by visually exploring the music landscape.

musicoveryMusicovery provides you with a graphical interface to explore various music themes and moods.

Upon selecting a artist, you will be presented with an interface that you can adjust your moods from Energetic, Dark, Calm, and Positive, then selecting the date range of the music you wish to listen to, then the music genre.

With all those options, Musicovery streams music based on your mood. You can watch the web page plot your music preferences and songs.

You have the option to rate the songs its selected and it will ‘learn’ what you like. After a while, it will have a pretty good idea of your musical preferences and will become attuned to your music personality.

Everybody has their own methods of discovering new music, plain old radio is probably the worst way to do so, since it restricts you to whats popular. These music discovery sites allow you explore music that you love and discover similar tunes to expand your music world beyond the 5 dusty cds from the 80s.

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