Asus Mouse Tracks your heart rate

August 8, 2008 – 2:44 pm

heart iconIn this day of overweight, unhealthy, stroke and heart attack prone masses tied to their computer for hours on end, Asus releases an innovative mouse that has a built in heart rate monitor.

The Asus Vit W1 mouse has a built in heart rate monitor that transmits your readings to a application on your PC to show you your pulse rate, and whether you are in a stressed state of mind, or relaxed state of mind.

asus mouse heart tracker

Besides being a diagnostic tool, this wireless mouse is has five buttons, a small USB receiver, 1200dpi sensitivity and a maximum working range of 30 feet.

It would be interesting to see how this could be leveraged for productivity and general workplace mental health wellness.

asus heart rate

By tracking the heart rate and stress level of individuals during the day you can gauge their productivity level and micromanage their work load by adding more until they get to a certain stress level. Since it varies for each person, you can custom the work load based on their current state of being. ‘You’re too relaxed, heres more work!’

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