Broadcast your world through new video streaming technology

August 6, 2008 – 5:55 pm

Web cam technologies and various collection of web cam directories let you escape from the confines of your drab 8×8 cubicle and gaze off into virtual windows of remote locations around the world.

web cam cpuA Internet enabled computer, a webcam, along with some free cam software, turns your cpu into mini webserver that can stream a live video feed from your part of the world to the masses. Unfortunately, that usually limits you to your desk area, and that aint very exciting.

Another option is to purchase a webcam that has a built in webserver . This provides flexibility in the placement of the camera, and doesnt require a dedicated computer attached to the camera. Most webcam’s with built in webservers has wifi capabilities, so you wont have to string a network cable to the location. The more advanced (read: pricier) webcams allow you to pan and tilt the camera remotely.

If you have a windows mobile phone, or a Nokia N60, allows you to stream video directly from your phone! from their website:

qik iconQik is a little piece of software that enables you to stream videos directly from your phone to the Web. Use it to stream engaging videos to your friends in Facebook, Twitter, etc. or as your camcorder to capture entertaining and special moments.

Recently, manufacturers have also introduced mobile robotic webcams that would be able to roam and stream videos through wifi.

WowWee has introduced its WiFi robotic camera, Rovio, which can roam houses and yards.

IRobot, a familiar manufacturer name in home robotics, is in the planning stages of releasing a roving webcam, ConnectR, an offspring of its ever-popular vacuum cleaning predecessor, Roomba.

Like blogging, these technologies make it easier for random people to broadcast their lives and living spaces on the Internet, but unfortunately, like blogging, 99.9% of it will be fairly mundane. Remember, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should

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