Top 10 Geeked-out Bento Box Art

August 1, 2008 – 12:28 am

bento iconA Collection of the Top 10 greatest, nerdiest geekiest bento box lunch art scoured the Internet for your viewing pleasure.

The traditional Bento boxes lunches originated in Japan dating back to the early 1100’s. Bento’s are portable meals that are packed into compact boxes to be brought to school or work.

The compact nature of the container format required a careful placement of the food items into various landscapes and configurations for an appealing eating experience.

The Japan, there is an long standing history in its study for food as an art form , although the bento box art presented in this post doesn’t follow that discipline, it does reflect on the Japanese culture embracing the art form.



also known as King Koopa, nemesis of Mario


PS2 Controller wrapped in Nori

Bill Gates

Eat your Favorite Microsoft OG

Star Trek Tricorder

The original Fanboy SciFi TV show Tricorder

Windows XP Laptop

Even included a trackball!

Linux Penguin

It ‘could’ be the linux penguin

Homer Simpson

The Nori spreckled rice Beard is a nice touch

Super Mario III

Our favorite mario in flying form

Star Wars Jawa Diorama

Tatooine scavengers in bento format


Dot Eating videoGame patriarch captured in bento format

With a some creativity and artistry, you can turn your lunch time meals into a fleeting temporary art masterpieces, like sand castles and ice sculptures.

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  2. You are a moron for not having an Apple one.

    By Apple Guy on Oct 2, 2008

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