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July 21, 2008 – 2:58 pm

streamzy iconYes, i know, Ive covered more than a handful of music video related sites, but my latest online music video stream love has been uses the seeqpod engine to provide an user friendly interface to search for your favorite band’s music video and compile them into a list.

I recommend signing up for the free account, so your play list can be accessed at another time and place. After a quick registration, you can start searching for your favorite artist, or songs by entering keywords. By default, it will search for both music and videos, select videos for just video results.

streamzy video

The search results will present all the youtube, googlevideo results it finds. You can then add them into your playlist. Go through this process for all the bands you’ve loved in your lifetime and you’d have a fairly comprehensive collection of all your favorite band’s music video.

Press shuffle, play, then bask in the auditory and visual music video nirvana of all your favorite songs and bands.

streamzy list

The search was very successful in finding almost any band I threw at it (Mostly 80s, mind you) but even the later indie groups were found. You would be hard pressed to see these videos being played on any cable station at this point, but with, you can revisit or even discover music videos of your music loves.

Its interesting to see music videos of the obscure songs that you’ve loved over the year for the first time. When you listen to music, you get a certain ‘feel’ which you try to visualize the music in your mind, but seeing the music video sometimes provides a glimpse into the artists vision of the visual, similar or dramatically different than yours (for better or worse).

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