Tinyghosts.com: thought provoking unfunny comic strip

July 18, 2008 – 1:40 pm

tinyghost iconWhat happens when you blend postsecret with jack handy and toss in a few robots? The Tinyghosts comic strips.

Tinyghosts.com is a creation by ‘author’ (he actually doesnt want his identity revealed, but if you looked hard enough, you could find out who he is). The term ‘comics’ is loosely used for his strips, as they’re not that funny and he never intended it to be funny.  Although his snarky humor is evident in alot of his strips, his strips are more poetic than comedic. His own words: 

What is the Concept? 

A while back I had this idea of telling an entire story in just two sentences, kinda like a haiku, but two sentences instead of 17 syllables and with some semblence of plot. So I wrote a bunch of them down, but nobody really cared. Then somebody gave me a copy of photoshop and I thought maybe some photos might make the stories go down a bit easier. You are supposed to be able to use each comic as a jumping off point to create an entire world/characters/storyline in your head. If you feel like thinking that is. 

robot murder suicide

What are the main themes?

It’s about what it feels like to be a monster/ghost/robot/toy/etc. but not the scary kind. It’s about being frightened of war and what you might turn into when you grow up if you aren’t careful. It’s about loss and longing and love and hope and being small and scared of a big world and not knowing your place in it and wanting to belong but always being on the outside and not being sure that God loves you but really hoping he does even though pretty much everyone else thinks you are a weirdo. Stuff like that.

walk around grave

Visit his website here and be sure to check out his archive. He sells his prints and even has a tiny ghost book you can purchase.

The photography is top notch and many of his strips are depressing and thought provoking, but he sprinkles in some sillyness to break the rythm of dread just enough for you to put down the razor and continue reading.

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