Collection of classic Soviet Union coin operated video arcade machines

July 15, 2008 – 1:27 am

soviet union arcade gamesLike taking a glimpse into the bizzaro-world past, this Wired article showcases a collection of classic arcade cabinets from the Soviet Union from back in the day

Before Nintendo and Atari came on the scene, the video arcade cabinet industry was wallowing in substandard games that was often tucked away in the back of department stores with crude, unimaginative blocky characters. Although it held a certain magic to a few diehards, the gaming industry hadn’t penetrated the mass market and couldn’t have imagined the behemoth that the video game industry had become.

In the US, there were a few staples in of classic pre-boom video games, Sub Hunt, Night Driver, the Four player Demolition Derby, and if space allowed, a corny light activated shooting gallery. Our comrades in the Soviet Union also had their own pre-video game boom arcade cabinets that didn’t see the light of day in the states.

This Wired article showcases a collection of these early arcade cabinets from the Soviet Union.

soviet union video games

soviet union arcade games

sub hunt screen shotMy earliest recollection of a stand up video arcade game was a dusty old monochrome subhunt tucked away in the corner of my local Ben Franklin. 25+ years later, the Craft store still stands, but the video game industry has evolved into a multibillion dollar industry that has penetrated the hearts and minds video game fans around the world. (like mine)

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