Online Ambient Environment to soothe your soul

July 14, 2008 – 12:52 am

calming iconTwo websites using different techniques to create sounds and visuals on your screen that can soothe your soul and bring you to a peaceful state of mind graphicThe ‘simpler’ of the two, is a white noise generator. White Noise is said to be able to help in the areas of:

  • Aiding Sleep
  • Enhance Privacy
  • Block Distractions
  • Mask Tinnitus
  • Configure Audio Equipment
  • Soothe Migraines

Although there are devices you can buy that generate white noise that you can use to mask external sounds, the website lets you create and adjust the levels to your preference. They even have mp4 downloads so you can load them onto your ipod, or burn it to a cd to play it on your a cd player.

The second, Getty Images’s MoodStream is also an interactive multimedia website thats richer in the experience that you can custom to your mood.

getty image moodstream

Upon startup, it will begin a slide show of images and videos accompanied by a stream of music based on the mood that you can adjust in the control panel.

Settings such as Happy to Sad, Calm to Lively, Humorous to Serious, Nostalgic to Contemporary, and Warm to Cool. Adjusting the sliders will change the mood of the pictures, videos and music that plays.

You can also add the visuals and music to a ‘play list’ that you can playback at a later date.

Truly mesmerizing and relaxing, based on the feel you want streamed to your monitor.

Only down side is that it only plays 15-30 second clips of the music.

Its interesting that the aforementioned projects aim to bring some peace and relaxation to our world, but the very platform and technology are the complexity that removes us from the simple pleasures of life, which makes us want to achieve a peace of mind that these websites try to provide. (see the vicious cycle?)

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