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July 12, 2008 – 12:19 pm

thisissandRemember those cheesy sugar or sand based art pieces sold at kiosks or swap meets that people pawned off as art, but actually were just colored sand or sugar pressed between panes of glass to look like mountains? allows you to create your own ‘art’ online.

Similar to the earlier Falling Sand Game,, a flash based web toy, is more is zen-like in its interface and interaction. There are only a few options, changing the color, and dropping the sand. You can create some creative landscapes by selecting key colors and creating mountains majesty

thisissand sample

Of course, any sand drop variation you place on the screen will create mountains, and place enough of them around, you’d have a landscape. Wala, a colorful landscape, and ultimately, art is in the eye of some beholder.

So drop away, if you think you have a masterpiece, you can add it to their gallery to show your sand art prowess, who knows, you may be an undiscovered great sand art artist!

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