Flash toy to release your inner abstract artist

July 7, 2008 – 11:31 pm

bonobo iconAbstract art is a personal expression of your interpretation and perception of a vision you wish to express.

Bonobo is a simple flash-based canvas that has multiple animated ‘brushes’ that react to your mouse movements. The movements are unpredictable but consistent.

Heres my attempt at ‘art’

bonobo screenshot

It feels like a spirograph on acid. I’ve played with Spirograph, but I can only imagine what acid feels like, so that analogy is said as an idiom on my part.

Although this online canvas provides creative tools and brushes that allows random net-folk to create artwork on the fly, you cant dismiss the possibility that a true masterpiece could be fashioned through this tool.

Even with other technologically advanced art that is being generated with powerful computers, I’m curious if any artists who use the classic technology to create their art would be lauded as classic artists in the art history books in the future.

So, brush away with bonobo, save it on a media that can withstand hundreds of years of aging, and hopefully the future can open the random image you created and marvel at the artistry.

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