Spy on your pet’s day through their viewpoint

July 6, 2008 – 4:29 pm

cat cam iconThere is so much man still does not know about animal behavior when we’re not looking. A camera project and upcoming products allow us to see what our pets do in their spare time.

Much like the scientists who attach tracking devices to various land and sea animals to find out migratory patterns, now you can do the same to your household pet with an attached camera. Who knows? maybe we can catch them plotting to take over the world.

Earlier, Jürgen Perthold had devised a small camera that he attached to his cat, Mr. Lee, which took pictures in set intervals, then posted the pics on the his website

cat camera

The pics are an interesting snapshot of the daily random life of his cat. Its amusing to try to surmise what exactly was going though the cats head as he traversed his daily meandering path.

pet eye digital cameraMore recently, an announced a camera product that does the same as Jurgen’s camera. So, if you’re all thumbs with electronics or anything DIY, the Pet Eye Digital Camera can attach to your pets collar and can take pictures at set intervals.

Either through Jurgen’s DIY camera, or wait for the Pet Eye Digital Camera, technology can provide you with a daily insight of your pets life through their viewpoint.

I would attach one to my dogs, but all it would show is my patio ceiling, as thats the view they have most of the day as they nap. (I know, because I had setup a webcam to watch my dogs once, and that must have been the most boring webcam in the world)

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  2. this is a cool idea. It’s very interesting to observe pets/people when they don’t know anyone’s watching!

    By spamlova on Jul 6, 2008

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