Cool your area with DIY air conditioners you can build

July 3, 2008 – 8:49 am

air conditioning iconHas the office environmental nazi limited the cooling temperature to a balmy mid-70s temperature? Follow these instructions on how to build your own portable air conditioning unit for your desktop.

By utilizing common components usually found for cooling CPUs, this 14 year old individual from Singapore posted instructions on instructables on how to build a mini desktop air conditioner that fits into a burger box (burger box??)

mini desktop airconditioner


This other instructable from Geoff Milburn of Canada is a bit bigger, but could cool a larger area.

DIY air conditioner


The last option would be to purchase an actual air conditioner, but whats the fun in that?

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  2. The Canadian guy’s setup is MUCH more practical. It’s basically the same setup as in your car, except using ice water as the coolant. VERY cool.

    By spamlova on Jul 6, 2008

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