Star Wars Desktop accessories you can bring to work

June 27, 2008 – 11:35 pm

star wars r2d2Grace your workplace environment with these functional and really cool Star Wars themed desktop accessories

star wars usbThe drone of the florescent lights above dims the creativity and individuality of office peons across the country. Having the following Star Wars themed desktop toys will not only broadcast how lovingly devoted you are to the greatest movie ever made, but also provide you functionality that every desk jockey would need anyway.

So, if big brother frowns upon your star wars themed accessories, you can smugly point out that it serves a function and increases production. Big raises, mindless meetings and longer coffee breaks all around!

  • Star Wars Themed USB Hubs
    These two interactive 4 port hubs feature our Luke “whiny” Skywalker’s patriarch, Darth Vador and our favorite anthropomorphic robot, R2D2. Both powered by the USB, they react differently when plugged in and when devices are plugged into it.

  • Mimobot Star Wars USB Drives
    Custom made USB drives of featuring four characters from the Star Wars: StormTropper, Darth Vador, R2D2 and Chewbacca. Pop their forehead, or canister top, and plug the 1GB ,2GB or 4GB capacity drives into your CPU so that you transport that 200mb powerpoint presentation to work at home that your boss asked you to do. Yay!

    star wars mimo drive


  • R2D2 Trashcan
    Sadly, our favorite R2 unit’s shape does resemble a trashcan, so this manufacturer decided that it would be cool to design a R2D2 trashcan. Its a travesty.

    star wars trashcan


  • LightSaber Desklamps
    You can tell your officemates that in your previous life you were a Jedi Knight and that you have the Light Sabers to prove it. Then smugly point to the 16″ LightSaber desk lamps and smugly smile as they cower in fear over your midiclorin count. Fear you, they must.

    star wars lamp


  • R2 Unit Speakers
    Another R2D2 themed desktop object, an R2D2 and R2D1 speaker set. These pair of mini speakers embedded into the dome of the R2 units will provide you with a theater quality sound system at your desktop. (Maybe not that good, but still cool)

    star wars speaker


  • R2D2 Projector
    This R2 unit has an embedded 800×600 projector system so you can lug him into the next corporate board meeting and display your corporation’s plan to rule the universe. (or balance the budget, your choice)

    star wars projector


  • R2D2 Webcam
    From the same creators of the projector, Nikko created a remote controlled webcam, thats also Skype compatible. This allows you to communicate with your love ones through your loved one.

    star wars projector


  • R2 Remote Control
    OK, I admit, I’m a R2D2 fanatic, this last desktop toy, is actually a toy and does not serve any function rather than bringing your morale up and providing you with minutes of fun. This mini remote controlled R2D2 unit is controlled by a lightsaber remote. (way cool, but doesn’t look like its available)

  • So bask in the greatness that is Star Wars at your office with these functional devices and fight the dark forces of evil. (bureaucracy and office politics!)

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