Things that make your dog happy, healthy and safe

June 25, 2008 – 8:56 am

doggy iconThe pursuit of happiness for our favorite furry friends has spurned the creativity of inventors around the world.

No other pets can bring us the joy that a pet dog can provide. There has been studies that just by owning a dog can lengthen your life and bring you happiness. It only makes sense that we continue to provide our dogs with our love and inventions that will help them in their lives also.

Here are some recent stories and accessories that contribute to the health and happiness of our fuzzy friends.

dog wheel Puppy born without front legs outfitted with model airplane wheels to get around.
dog bowl Drinking or eating too fast is not healthy for dogs, as it may cause digestive problems and doesn’t help overweight dogs from overeating. Two new dog dish designs prevent the dogs from eating or drinking too fast.
dog mobile This high-tech device is basically a cellular phone for your dog, and provides two way communication with your dog by picking up your phone. Beyond the novelty of talking to your dog, it can also provide communication with people in the vicinity if the dog gets lost. Optional features include embedded GPS and even a cam.
doggy treadmill A treadmill specifically designed for your pet. You could alway take it for a walk outdoors, but if you’re in a condo, flooded, snowed in, or too hot to walk your dog out (dogs overheat easily) this treadmill will provide the exercise to keep your dog fit and lean.

You know your dog would do anything for you and your happiness, shouldn’t you do the same?

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