Virtually Browse the Bookshelves of Amazon with Zoomii

June 24, 2008 – 7:42 pm

zoomii iconChris Thiessen, founder of Zoomii, created an intuitive flash based interface that simulates the feel of casual browsing of shelves at a bookstore for an impulsive book purchase.

Zoomii’s innovative interface makes browsing the book shelves of Amazon very intuitive.

Along with browsing, Zoomii allows you to select a book off the virtual shelf and view further details regarding the book. Purchases can also be done through the site, which interfaces with Amazon, so transactions can be done with a peace of mind.

Zoomii’s technology uses Amazon’s Associate Web Services and so Zoomii is getting a cut of each sale through Amazon’s Associates Program.

Coupled with a touch screen or the elusive dream of virtual reality interface, Zoomii could be the first prototype of what a (the ever so elusive) virtual bookstore technology could hold for us in the near future (maybe).

Imagine if a similar interface could be built using the Quake engine, where you can shop and shoot other shoppers down and take their (limited supply) shopping cart items before they can get to a ‘safe’ point to check out. (ala capture the flag)

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