Use your PalmOS Device as a LCD status display for your computer

June 22, 2008 – 7:45 am

palm iconMake use of that stinky old monochrome serial Palm OS lying on the bottom of your junk drawer by turning it into a LCD display

PalmOrb is a program that allows you to hook up your serial and USB palm device to your computer and use it as a LCD status display. There are versions for Windows and Linux.

Cool uses to display include CPU load graphs, CPU temperatures, free disk space, news alerts, stock indexes, WinAmp graphs, etc.

palm graph

Similar to my previous post, you can also use a keychain digital picture frame to display the same, in full color, but that version is limited to a unix box, and needs some elbow grease to get working. Using your Palm to display system information is a tad easier.

Set one up, and you can smugly point out to your SO why you kept that crusty old Palm for years in the junk drawer.

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