Retro Consoles modified into Portable Devices

June 20, 2008 – 11:24 pm

heck iconBen Heck reveals his latest project in which he converts game consoles of yore into handheld and laptop portables

An genius engineering and creative feat at each turn, Ben Heck latest project is his conversion of the atari 7800 into a handheld portable. More like a twohandheld portable, but still incredibly cool.

heck 7800

heck 360He has converted over 16 game consoles of yesterday and today and converted them into a laptop or handheld form with built in LCDs. His conversions of the older consoles has an appealing steampunkesque feel. His imagination, engineering and creativity has crafted devices that may have been created if the technology existed back in the day.

His website contains pictures and fairly detailed pictures on how he converted each of the devices into the products that never existed until his creations.

Along with the old, he has modified the ps2, wii and xbox 360 into portable and laptop versions.

Ben Heck’s creations never cease to amaze. His craftsmanship is topnotch and his creations make him the king of console modifications.

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