Play games while simultaneously pleasuring your Significant Other

June 19, 2008 – 9:31 am

massage icon Two creative individuals hacked a playstation controller to allow you to play games and massage a person of your choice simultaneously

Mika Satomi and Hanna Perner-Wilson, PHD Candidates at University of Art and Industrial Design Linz, Austria, created an body suit playstation joystick interface called “Massage Me”

Playing Massage me requires two people, one who wears the jacket to receive the massage and one who massages the person wearing the jacket. Soft flexible buttons are embedded in back of the jacket so that wearing it turns your back into a gamepad. All you need to do is to sit or lay down in front of a video game player and you will be able to enjoy a back massage while the game lasts.

Otherwise wasted button-pushing energy is transformed into a massage and the addicted game player becomes an inexhaustible masseur.

massage graphic

Their site includes DIY instructions on how you can construct your own. From building the jacket, hacking a joystick and building the interface, the instructions are all there. Its not limited to the Playstation controller, but you would have to figure out the hack and interface for any other console (or PC) controllers.

Video of Massage me in at MB21 2007, in Dresden

Integrating game playing to devices to provide dual purposes for the same energy is pretty innovative. The touch points may become too repetitive in the same location after a while though, perhaps changing the key configuration or the bodysuit touch points randomly would provide the variety for effective massages. A fully qwerty keyboard would be interesting.

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