Amazing Vending Machine Technology from Japan

June 18, 2008 – 9:15 am

vending iconJapan has the highest concentration of vending machines in the world, topping over 5 million in the country, one for every 23 people. A recent exhibition highlights the latest innovations.

Pingmag’s Vending Machine Extravaganza highlights several vending machine innovations that were featured at a recent vending machine manufacturer’s exhibition

In addition to the quantity, the rumors are true, Japan does have the weirdest vending machines in the world. From the unusual to the creepy its all there.

vending graph 2

Seeing that Japan has always been on the cutting of technology, it only makes sense that they would also push the envelope on the features and capabilities of its ubiquitous vending machines.

vending faceA notable highlight is the Age recognition vending machine (In Japanese) which scans your face to determine whether you are of legal age to buy the vending machine items. Japan still has cigarettes machines and many adult items such as alcohol and adult entertainment that only adults are legally able to purchase. The vending machine company is claiming 90% accuracy. If you have a baby face or look older than you should, you can always use a credit-card like identification to bypass the face recognition.

The culture of Japan seems to be more suited to vending machine usage, as space and time is limited in their city, and convenience and immediacy is embraced by its city dwellers. As much as it would be cool to have access to interesting vending machines as such, I’d rather have the banner-free and natural landscape that can afford regular stores and restaurants to serve my daily needs.

Link: Vending Machine Extravaganza

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