Portable Karaoke Machine to annoy people anywhere, anytime

June 17, 2008 – 7:36 am

kar iconTomy will be releasing a portable Karaoke (Ka-ra-o-ke) machine so you can share your drunken delusion of rockstar singing grandeur anywhere.

kar graph2The Tomy device named the ‘Hi-Kara’ comes with a with a headset with microphone so that only you can hear the tunes and the public gets to wallow in your soulful singing voice.

The handheld sized device has a 2.4″ LCD which displays the lyrics and requires cartridges purchased from the Tomy website that will come preloaded with preselected songs.

karaoke graphic

Seems like a cool toy for rabid Karaoke fans, my only gripe is the cartridge aspect of the design. Based on the current Karaoke devices, i.e microphones, the cartridges are a pricey addon, and are definitely the money making component for the devices (Similar to Game consoles).

An internet downloadable songs to SD card version would be much more convienient, and would allow a broader base of songs to be distributed to a wider audience. They just need to figure out some type of DRM protection scheme to prevent rabid pirating. (which is why they are going the clunky write-once cartridge technology)

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  2. Thats awesome!

    By Regretful Morning on Jun 17, 2008

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