Surrealistic Garfield Comic Strip Generator

June 13, 2008 – 9:21 pm

garfield iconAn endless stream of random Garfield comic strips with semi coherent dialog engine producing surreal strips for your enjoyment.

Josh Millard created a mash up of Garfield strips and random dialog taken from the strip chained together semi coherently using a language algorithm using the Markov chain model. Josh called this generator Garkov, Garfield + Markov Chains.


In English, this means that this website generates random Garfield comic strips by inserting dialog taken from his strips in the first text bubble, but then uses a computer program to find appropriate subsequent text that would have a high probability that the text combined together would make sense.

The vanilla humor and the limited ability of natural language simulations of computer programs creates a surreal, almost coherent, comic strip at every refresh.

Find your favorite and post on your cubicle and smile smugly as your coworkers either struggle to understand or feign laughter.

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