A Collection of Anonymous Confessional Websites

June 9, 2008 – 11:29 pm

confessiconCollection of confessional sites you can either voyeuristically view stranger’s admissions or to post your own confession to unburden some of the weight from your shoulders.

confess graphicConfessionals, generally speaking, provide a cathartic way of relieving some of your inner demons from your shoulders. In itself, a confession doesn’t actually change the events that may have occurred, but provides a pathway for individuals to come to terms with their action or thoughts.

Confessions are wide and varied from the mundane, to merely thoughts, but many are disturbing.

Here is a collection of confessional sites:


Most well known confessional secret site submitted via postcards


Experience Project

Anonymously share experiences and meet others just like you


Group Hug

Founded by Gabriel Jeffrey on October 1, 2003. The concept has always been simple: a place for anonymous confessions, with no editorial bias.



Originally started as a thread on fazed.org, but grew to its own website


Workplace Confessional

A collection of amusing (and anonymous) stories from the workplace


Creepy Confessions

A repository for cavernous fears and secret indulgences


True Mom Confessions

A place where women could confess their fears, frailties and fantasies (or their own throw up stories) without any risk of judgment or consequence.


True Dad Confessions

Fatherhood as it is, not as it should be


True Office Confessions

A lot can happen between 9 to 5


I ponder when reading the confessions of random people, whether it speaks of the resiliency or weakness of human nature and people in general.

Peruse at your leisure. Post at your discretion. Release or lurk.

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  2. Our stories are anonymous unless you want to post your name!

    By Regretful Morning on Jun 10, 2008

  3. You forgot my favorite!

    It also has interesting love advice

    By jedankitty on Jun 10, 2008

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