Roomba Hacks Collection: gaming and robots mashup

June 7, 2008 – 12:05 am

roomba iconRoomba may be the first sucessful affordable functional utilitarian robot to penetrate the end consumer market. Here is a collection of cool modifications and hacks that inventive individuals have done to their favorite robot.

roomba graphicThe Roomba is a round disc-like robot that cruises around your house and vacuums your floor. It has the capability to find its docking station to recharge itself when the battery is running low

As a fan and owner of a Roomba, I can attest to the functionality and coolness of owning your own vacuum robot. Although quite your own robotic butler, the Roomba is revolutionary in the sense that it is the first functional and affordable robot that affordable and is available to the masses.

Under its plastic shell, the Roomba is a sophisticated robotic device that its manufacturer encourages and supports hacking endeavors that modify and/or enchance its functionality.

Here is a collection of notable modification and hacks that creative individuals has implemented for the Roomba:

Gaming Mashup
Here are some Roomba’s thats been modified or integrated into various classic games and using current gaming technology.

  • Roomba Frogger: Along with its custom frogger cover, the roomba follows a the path of your frogger as you play the game on your computer
  • Roomba Wii, Similar : Amazing hacks that integrate the wii remote as the remote control for your roomba
  • Roomba Pacman: The latest cool hack which an engineer rigged his roomba with a whole bunch of yellow leds to simulate the pacman chomp

Other Notable Hacks

Hooking Up your Roomba
Here are various instructions on how to interface various technologies to communicate with your Roomba



Besides these cool hacks that you can do with your Roomba, its really a good vacuum cleaner for your home. It does seem to get lost and stuck at times, but its a mostly very cool utlilitarian robot to have for your home.

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