Wonderfully unique top 20 flash drives from around the world

May 31, 2008 – 4:22 pm

drive iconThe latest collection of uniquely designed flash drives from around the world/Internet.

Flash drives are an indispensable storage medium that has grown exponentially in capacity while dramatically dropping in price. Carrying a couple of gigs in your pocket isn’t uncommon nowadays, anything less will gain the mockery of your fellow cohorts.

The design of the drives has been fairly mundane, variations in shape and color beyond the basic grey gumstick shaped device has been minimal. With some creativity and inventiveness, there has been a few flash drives that have captured the artistic and creative flair that can express your individuality or weirdness.

The following collection of unique flashdrives was meticulously scoured from the Internet. Focus on creativity, oddity and artistic flair was made to compile this top 20 list of wonderfully unique flash drives. (Purposely excluded are all flash drives shoved into plastic foods, because well, they’re boring)

thumb drive

Taking the name literally, this gory drive will creep some people out


sawed off usb cable

DIY project where the drive looks like a sawed off usb cable


puppet bag

creepy puppet usb drive that you pry its head open to reveal the usb port


humping dog

a dog usb drive with the added bonus of humping action when attached to your latop! similar variation: exercise dog


bowling ball

not the most practical, but probably the most heaviest, bowling ball usb drive


mixatape cassette tape

usb drive embedded in a cassette tape to recapture the 80s


bomb drive

concept drive by Joe Escalona shaped like a bomb


t-bot robot drive

loveable robot figurine which doubles as a usb drive


50 caliber bullet

bring this to work and people will start being nice to you

hansolo carbonite

capture the magic of star wars when it was still good with a hansolo carbonite usb drive


Nintendo Controller

The ultimate geek accessory, girls will be lining up to play with your nerdy drive


guitar drive

A highly detailed mini guitar with embedded flash drive


korejanai robot

the classic japanese robot that no kid wants


lego usb drive

DIY Guide to embed your drive into favorite dutch toy, lego


playmobil drive

Another way to carry your childhood toy to work for a good reason with this playmobil usb drive


steampunk drive

steampunk designed usb drive for the retro cool


Swarovski designed drives

Phillips Electronics in collaboration with Swarovski made the Active Crystal collection of USB memory.


flashbag inflatable drive

flash drive that inflates as it reaches capacity. Are you happy to see me or is your flash drive full?


wooden stick

Almost zen-like in its design, its a drive embedded in a tree branch


Nifnak fuzzy dataworms

custom art work of nifnaks has drives embedded in fuzzy lovable worms


Honorable Mentions:

  • Animal Drives: Animals with data capacity shoved up their nether regions
  • Old school Eraser: A eraser shaped usb drive. Yawn
  • Teddybear usb Drive: Funny when head is removed to reveal drive and placed into cpu
  • Barbie usb drive: Similar to the teddy bear, a drive made from a favorite toy of the fairer sex
  • Sushi usb drive: although this falls into the food usb drive exclusion, honorable mention is made since this seemed to be the original food item that was used as a usb drive
  • Wine Cork Drive: A not-so subtle way to proclaim your wine-snobbery

Did I miss any? What are your favorites. Chime in!

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    By Art-Studio MJ on Mar 7, 2009

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