Test your musical visual intelligence

May 27, 2008 – 10:40 pm

music iiconCan you ‘see’ music? What would Beethoven’s 5th Symphony look like if it was a drawing? Hows about the Macarena?

music graph Associative Music Visual Intelligence (AMVI) is the ability for individuals to be able to associate their experiences across audio and visual sensory domains.

 This simple online tests your ability to associate music to visual patterns.  Upon startup, the flash-based test displays 3 patterns, then plays you a snippit of a musical composition. Based on your perception, you try to match the music with one of the three patterns.

music screen

 Upon completion, the test will display your score and grade you on various music cognitive skills which include; Pitch discrimination, Musical Memory, Contour Discrimination, Attention and Musical/visual Abstraction.

This interesting test was developed by Jake Mandell who is a medical student at Massachusetts. Along with being a musician with 4 albums released, he has done research in neuroimaging which gave him a cross reference between brain function and music perception.

 His medical knowledge of neurology and his music appreciation gave him the insight and ability to test, and perhaps bridge, the gap between visual and auditory senses.

Link: http://jakemandell.com/amvi/

Whats your score? (I got an 80!)

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