Realistic Lego Guns for fun and play

May 22, 2008 – 7:57 am

brickgun iconI’m sure the Lego company had good reason not to release a Ultrarealistic ‘Glock 17’ lego kit for kids 12-17. “Fool your friends and police folk alike” comes up with a brilliant product that will can only lead to no good. From their website homepage:

‘We specialize in creating the coolest, most realistic kits that can be built using genuine Lego parts. Each model is life-sized, with accurate dimensions and details. They feature functioning mechanics such as triggers, hammers, slides, safeties and magazines so they not only look like the real thing, they work like the real thing as well.’


Imagine the brainstorming session for this idea/product: ‘What can we do, or create that will be very popular with impressionable kids, that can be made very easily with a highly penetrated toy product in homes, and can get them killed when mistaken for a real weapon?’Brickgun! Added bonus, bring a bag of black lego pieces through the TSA, cause an airport wide panic and national security breach on plane by a 12 yr old who has pieced them together from instructions bought off of brickgun, or inspired by the website. (or even this blog entry.. hmm) Dont wait! Get your “The Coolest Lego Weapons in the World.”

Note: If I didnt lay it down the sarcasm thick enough, albiet very cool models, this product, because of the basis of its ‘kid friendly’ materials, can be very dangerous and will lead to no good in the hands of certain kids, desperate crack heads and most drunken adults.

Have them play with something safe, like the Indiana Jones Bull whip, with ultrarealistic whip crackin sound.

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