Multiplayer Pictionary Games on the Web

May 21, 2008 – 7:54 am

sketch iconPictionary played online is a quick way to fritter away a few hours of your life trying to figure out random people’s scribblings in a harried state.

Isketch and Xsketch are two flash games that lets you play pictionary in real time against other people on the web.

The premise of the pictionary is simple, you watch as  somebody tries to draw a word thats hidden from your view and be the first to guess what they are trying to draw, when your turn comes around, you will be asked to draw while everybody else tries to guess. 

Isketch and Xsketch spins this familiar family game to the online world each with its own spin on the point system and gameplay.

isketch logo

Isketch is a friendlier game and you can start playing almost immediately. During the game it provides hints as each round progresses and has multiple winners. Collect more points for getting it first or early.


Xsketch has a point system that you win with each successful round. The more points you have, the higher ranking you get, and you qualify to play on higher levels, which gives you more opportunities to win larger points with each round.xsketch logo

Similar to a poker table, each player has to ‘ante’ up points to play. The drawer also puts up a sizable chunk of points for the other players to win. If you are the first to guess the word, you win the pot. Additionally, if you were the drawer, you win the amount that you put up.

This point system provides a more tension filled environment since every round will cost you points. They allow you to purchase points to help you get started and be qualified to play the higher rounds immediately, this is not necessary nor required to play the game.

I prefer because of its simplicity and ease of use. The interface is much more friendlier and cleaner. That whole soliciting (albiet optional) pay-for-points of xsketch turned me off. The Interwebs should be freeeee!

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