Childrens Drawings interpreted

May 18, 2008 – 1:52 am

draw iconTwo artists have taken an interesting angle on various childrens drawings with their own intepretations.

The magic and depth of childrens drawings are often overlooked as simplistic scratchings, draw crayonbut when you think about the thought processes that a child puts into his drawings, their imagination put forth into the drawing is much deeper than the crayola seemingly randomly smeared on the wall.

An illustrator and photographer tries to peer into the pysche of children through their drawings and came up with their own interpretations.

Dave Devrie takes drawings of childrens monsters and inteprets them into a highly detailed and professional artistic representation of what the child may have been thinking.

draw one
Another person, Yeondoo Jung, tries to replicate, in real life, a photograph of a child drawing.

draw two
The picture above reminds me of a representation of something movie director Michel Gondrey would make. (Probably because of the big hands..)

Coloring books instructing you to draw within the lines, lego sets with instructions to build a certain type of vehicle, all add to the conformist mentality that forces children to lose their own artistic individuality. Many artists spend the rest of their lives trying to recapture the innocence lost in their art.

Release your inner child and scribble!

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