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May 8, 2008 – 6:00 pm

hate iconInstead of finding stuff that people like, or stuff people may find interesting, this anti-blog posts things that nobody likes.

hate graph Stuff Nobody Likes collects rants about everyday occurrences and irritants that perturb people. Agree, or disagree, its an interesting insight into the psyche of people and what bothers them.

They have an email that you can submit your own peeves: stuffnobodylikes[at] Not sure what the criteria they use to post the rant, but its an eclectic mix of rants from #70. Having the Phone Ring Just Before You Leave Work to #91. Realizing that the Music You Loved as a Kid Kinda Suck and makes the website an interesting angst-filled read.

I submitted my own:

Besides the ubiquitous rant of people who stand in the 10 or less items line with obviously more than 10 items complaint (and yes, having 3 cans of the same item counts as 3, not as 1), another thing that I dislike is people who don’t have their payment method ready upon transaction.

hate graph 2Many of times, people wait until the cashier tells them the total, then with a surprised look on their face, start the maddeningly slow process of retrieving their currency from their back pocket, purse, wallet. Added bonus is check writers, who wait until they are told the total, then slug out their checkbook, flip to the next blank check, start writing the store’s name, and.. you get the point.

Don’t they know they are going to be charged for the items at the store at the counter? Why don’t they have their payment process ready? Its not like the cashiers going to surprise them and tell them their items are ‘on the house’


Lets see if it sticks

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