Your own personal MTV

May 7, 2008 – 10:13 pm

mtv iconTim Borman created an interesting mashup of and Youtube which provides a stream of Youtube music videos based on your taste.

mtv graphSimilar to music streaming sites that provides tunes based on your preferences, is a website that selects Youtube music video’s based on a artists seed, or username.

A simple interface, all you need to do is enter an artist’s name and it will scan the web sphere and select music videos that are related to your artist. If you’re a aficionado, you can enter your own username or a person who has a compatible music tastes as yourself.

Its a good way to view your favorite artist’s, similar artist’s videos and discover artists that have been tagged associated with your favorites.

Long live theoriginalMTVwhereitactuallyplayedmusicvideos!


mtv screen

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