Instant Beatmaster or Zen Ambient composer

May 1, 2008 – 11:20 pm

dmf iconCreate your own hopping’ beat or ambient background music for relaxation through a simple flash interface. is a website that allows you easily select boxes across a grid, which plays at a set interval on a endless loop. Each box represents a tone or drum beat, and as you select each box, each interval will play during each loop.dmf logo

Boy, that was a boring description of a way cool musical flash interface. Try each of the interfaces, and become DJ RPS (RandomPlanetSurfer) or John Tesh-like Random Zen Master ambient music composer.

You can also save your composition by saving a series of numbers. 4368-4352-580-9288-18432-129 is my Zen composition.

dmf graph

An interesting aspect of this flash music generator is the graphical grid representation of the composition. Ive always been interested in finding a correlation between art and mathematics. Through certain graphs , there seems to be some of the beauty of the art and symmetry captured.Related, does exactly that, an unique circular graphical representation of various music. You can also upload your own midi‘s and have the website generate the graph.

The diagrams in The Shape of Song display musical form as a sequence of translucent arches. Each arch connects two repeated, identical passages of a composition. By using repeated passages as signposts, the diagram illustrates the deep structure of the composition. – from website


Perhaps one day we will crack the code of the correlation of math and music, and ultimately enable a machine generate music and ultimately art.

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