Life-altering moments in people’s lives

April 25, 2008 – 10:56 pm

altericonThere are moments in everybody’s lives that makes an incredible impact or influence the rest of their life. Read this collection of tragic, some inspiring, all engrossing confessions and reflections of these key moments.

A collection of people’s moments is collected in this metafilter post. Positive, negative, or even seemingly benign events trigger a thought process that influences the rest of their life.

alter graphicThis post by is a deeply personal and insightful collection of posts that individuals have written about their personal experiences during their lives that has shaped their persona. Everybody has one or more of these events in their lifetime.

Whats interesting is how negative, sad or tragic events affects people in different ways. With some, it strengthens their resolve to live a better life, and others, its blamed for the mental and social deficiencies they faced most of their lives.

Its all a choice really, on how you reflect on most of the varied events during your life and how it affects your life. (remember: Happiness is an option)


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