And you thought your place was small

April 21, 2008 – 10:32 pm

cube iconNext time you feel cramped in your abode, check out this collection of pics of a low income housing units in Hong Kong

Freedom and space is relative to your state of mind. I came across this amazing collection of photos of this 10ft by 10ft living quarters of 100 residents of this low income housing unit in Hong Kong.

cube graphicBackground:

‘Part of the original public housing in Hong Kong (Mark I and II series), built in the mid 1950s after fires displaced over 50,000 people in sub-standard (private) housing. They have shared facilities and kitchens on each floor (with no running water in the apartment) and while many of the current photos show single older people, they were originally built to house families (with the idea that the space was large enough for 5 adults). Fortunately, later public housing was built a little larger’

Whats interesting is the microcosm of each person depicted in each photo provides to the viewers. It shows you each individual’s entire worldly possessions, and insight of their lifestyle. Im betting that most of the individuals featured in the photos don’t feel cramped at all, and perhaps even content and happy in their lifestyle. Gives pause and appreciation of your living quarters and life perspective in general

Always remember, ‘Happiness is an option’


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