i used to believe (or lies that grownups tell kids)

April 18, 2008 – 1:55 am

lies iconlies iconAs wee one, your mind tries to fill in the blanks of unknowns we encounter day to day. Either our untethered imagination or adults messing with our heads was our only sources of information.

Iusedtobelieve.com collects submissions from people about things they believed when they were younger and eventually found to be untrue.

They have a most common beliefs section aggregating the popularity of the submissions. Admittedly, I believed the first entry on that list: All music on radio stations are performed live by the band in the studio. Logically, when I was youngster listening to the radio, I had seen movies and TV shows depicting recording studios of bands lies bandplaying in the soundproof rooms, so I visualized that this was what was happening when the radio played the songs on the radio. I was overly impressed especially during the top 40 countdown on weekends.

Beyond the fallible logic of a child, misconceptions and flat-out lies were often originated by adults who either were having fun with you, or didn’t deem the truth to be appropriate for your age. A thread on metafilter.com also collects a whole bunch of the lies that people were told or have told their children.

I wonder if these lies are innocent or cruel? Cruel, I guess, if you let them believe them way beyond the appropriate age, and they end up being ridiculed or beat up for their beliefs. (Like Santa Clause, or the Easter bunny)

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