Heartwarming rescue of Snickers, the shipwrecked Cocker Spaniel

April 18, 2008 – 8:39 pm

snickersiconSnickers, an adorable 8 month old Cocker Spaniel was abandoned by its owners on a remote island to fend for itself for 4 months before being rescued.

Snickers had an exciting adventure in his short 8 month life. Along with his owners, he was trapped adrift on a 48-foot boat for 95 days before they hit a reef near a remote and sparsely populated Fanning Isle. Snickers, along with his owners, had to swim 200 yards to shore to reach dry land.

snickers happySoon after, a cargo vessel agreed to bring the owners back to California, but could not bring any animals. So Snickers, along with a Parrot, Gulliver, was left on the island with people on the island.

The culture of the island apparently don’t have the same concept of what pets are to us, and so the dog was basically left to fend for itself for 4 months.

snickers oneAfter word of its poor care and notification that Snickers was to be euthanized by the ruling government, dog lovers galvanized to rescue the dog.

Attempts to reach the previous owners were unsuccessful.

Spearheaded by Jack Joslin of Las Vegas, who offered to pay for all expenses to rescue the dog and adopt him, several organizations donated their resources to rescue the dog.

From NCL’s Pride of Aloha cruise line, which initially picked up Snickers, to donated flights by Hawaiian Airlines and services provided by the Hawaii Humane Society, Snickers is on his way to dry land and a loving owner.

In dog years, his 8 month adventure was actually a 4 and half years adventure! Here’s to a long happy spoiled life for Snickers!

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