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April 16, 2008 – 2:19 am

list is a user submitted website that collects top lists on anything from everywhere. Definitive lists from published magazines to personal lists of individuals can be found on this site. has three types of lists on its website:

  • Personal Lists: List created by you and only editted by you.
  • Definitive Lists: Published works of lists from magazines, Rolling Stones Top 100 etc.
  • Award Lists: Lists of annual awards from credible sources
  • Algorithmic Lists: The most interesting list where it culls the results based on all the lists into a single list. So this crowd-based generated list is generated by net popularity.

So next time you want to get a pulse of popularity on a nearby restaurant, album, book based on certain criteria, check If the list doesn’t exist, create your own and inspire people to contribute and make their own personal list.

Nlist graphicotable Lists:

Quick, read, watch, do and laugh all of these things before you DIE.

list of best screenshot

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