Ponoko.com: Rapid Design and Manufacturing

April 12, 2008 – 12:26 am

ponoco iconPonoko.com revolutionizes the manufacturing business, where you can design a product, upload your design and have it manufactured on demand.

Ponoko.com, based out of New Zealand and San Francisco, provides a way for individuals to upload blueprints and ponoco graphicdesigns of products to be laser cut to specification from various plastics and woods.

Using common design tools to generate eps files, budding designers can upload the blueprint, select the materials, and Ponoko will provide an estimate for the product build based on the materials, size and complexity. Designers can choose to build one for themselves, but can also use the website’s ecommerce functionality to sell their products on demand at their own specified pricepoint.

So, once your great product is designed, you can showcase the product for purchase. When a order is placed and paid for, the designer will pay Ponoko to cover for the cost of the build, Ponoko will build the product and ship to the buyer. This production model provides zero upfront costs to the seller to manufacture and sell their design and products with zero inventory.

ponoko sample
The cool thing about this website is that it has enabled individuals to produce professional grade cut furniture, acrylic toys, jewelry or any imagined product from plastics or wood. The prices on the website seems reasonable, and they have no minimum, so whether you choose to build one to sell to the masses, or a small personal project, Ponoko.com enables you to do so!So, time and money is no excuse not to design, manufacture and sell your next great product! (lack of creativity or design skills still relevant)

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