Amazing mini recreation of Galaga Cabinet

March 31, 2008 – 10:15 pm

joystick iconNothing beats the feel of playing arcade classics on a cabinet. Sure, theres emulators that you can play on almost any device now, but the rush of nostalgia you feel hunched over a cabinet playing your favorite game cant be matched.

joystick graph 2joystick graph 2Arcade cabinets are the curmudgeonly fathers of all video games that exist today. Bursting on the scene in 1971, in the form of Spacewar at Stanford, it set off the starting gun for the video game revolution.

joystick graphicFast forward to Feb 1997, Mame 0.1 made it possible for PCs to play 5 original ROMs from arcade cabinet boards. This made it possible to play the arcade games in its original form, rather than a rewritten (often poorly) version of the game. Mame has progressed to the point where it supports over 6000 ROMs taken from almost every arcade game ‘out there’

Soon after the release of Mame in 1997, retro arcade aficionados have taken broken arcade cabinets, or built their own from scratch, and embedded PC monitors and cpus to be able to play the multitudes of games on the one cabinet, recapturing the magic of smoky arcades.

Recently, many major manufacturers have released their own premade arcade cabinets, and Jakks has made many of the arcade games available in its TV-game joysticks.

The size of a cabinet is always a sticking point with spouses, roommates, or parents who don’t see the value of a refrigerator sized box to play ‘old games’ sitting in the garage, patio or house. documents an amazing Mini Galaga cabinet build about hip high. (22 inches, to be exact) He uses one of the Jakks TV Games for simplification. The attention to detail is amazing, mini sized!

Check out the website to see how he made it and the finished product!

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