Online version of Adobe Photoshop available

March 26, 2008 – 8:40 pm

photoshop iconAdobe Photoshop has been a staple of all webmasters since the dawn of the web, and even earlier for graphic designers. Adobe has released an online version of its invaluable tool called Adobe Photoshop Express.

photoshop graphicAdobe Photoshop is the premier graphic editing software for graphic designers since 1990, and is also the most popular graphics application for web development to this day.

Brainchild of John Knoll while working for Industrial Light and Magic, a Lucasfilms special effects division, Photoshop was developed driven by his need for a more powerful and versatile application for his work. He molded and grew his customized application into the ubiquitous Photoshop.

Zip up to 2008, Adobe has now made Photoshop Available online. Adobe Photoshop Express, its a Flash 9.0 application, and only available in the US.

I tried it, its a bit light on the features, but the response and interface is intuitive. Could be used for minor adjustments to pictures at this point. It is still in beta, so I/we will hold on with bated breath for more features.

Give it a spin:

They are entering a crowded market. Check out this techcrunch page on reviews of other online editing websites.

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