: Bringing the art of mixtape orchestration back

March 25, 2008 – 9:16 pm

muxtape iconMuxtape brings back the art of mix tapes back into the fray of gigabytes of cold digital mp3s. In this day of easily accessible gigabytes of music, the warmness and value of music has been lost with the volume of availability, Muxtape brings the magic back, web 2.0 style.

muxtape graphicRemember back in the day, where making a mix tape was a great way of showcasing your music prowress? Mixing side Bs of LPs, special remixes of singles, intermingled with undiscovered talent (in your opinion), along with finding the right chemistry of placing certain songs together, all orchestrated into a 90 minute masterpiece of music heaven, all part of the effort and love put into making the ultimate mix tape.

Now, sharing your 200 hour ipod playlist is the extent of the exposure of your music personality to the world.

muxtape brings back the love. A simple website which allows you to upload 12 songs, and order them to your preference, creating a virtual mixtape that you can ‘share’ over the internet through your own URL. Very simple.

A collection of muxtapes available via Muxtapelist (add your own!)

If uploading your songs gives you the heebeejeebies, theres Mixwit and Seeqpod

Now bring back the groovy mixtape love!

update: check out my mixwit tape! 

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    correction its 12 songs =P
    oh and digg the link I gave to help get it to the front page it has like 56 or so currently.

    By Greg on Mar 26, 2008

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