Comic for all pathetic geeks or awkward situations

March 23, 2008 – 10:46 pm

pathetic geek selects submitted stories about geeky people’s awkward and/or painful experiences they have experienced in their lives and converts them into comics. Cringeworthy!

patheticgeek graphic Whether you have been on the receiving end or antagonizing end of social misfits at your school, pathetic geek stories website has a large collection of awkward situations that have been depicted succinctly in comic form.

If you were the on the receiving end, you can chuckle nervously and sympathize, perhaps even bring up painful memories that you have suppressed for many years. If you were the antagonizing party, the comic may give you pause and provide some insight on the psyche of your hapless victims (currently or in the past)

Which one are you?

pathetic geek panel2
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